How to write a good essay

How to write a good essay

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Students are often given various creative tasks to show their potential. However, many have a question about how to write an essay to get the highest score for it. The advice given in this publication will help you to do work correctly and to arrange it perfectly. Everything here was composed of experienced performers of various educational assignments who are well acquainted with the requirements for writing essays and other works.

Take a closer look at the topic

In order to write an essay on a given or a free topic, you first need to understand it in detail. If this is a work of art, read it carefully. Also, the knowledge of the author’s biography is no less useful. It is essential to know in what style this work is written, to be able to appreciate the unity of form and content. Try to understand what the author wanted to say, what thought he was trying to convey. However, having your own opinion is also very welcome. In general, before writing an essay, you will need to do some work:

  • Determine what basic idea you will develop in writing
  • Think through a range of issues that develop this idea
  • Determine in which genre you will write your essay: narration, description, reasoning, literary portrait, comparative description
  • Select quotes that you will use in the writing process.
  • Formulate a clear plan

It is worth talking about the plan in more detail since individual requirements are also provided for it.

Writing a composition plan

The essential critical elements of the plan are the introduction, the central part, and the conclusion. In the main part should be points, some of which can be divided into sub-items. The points of the plan are numbered using Arabic numerals without brackets, and letters with brackets are used to mark the sub-items. In the formulation of parts of the plan, there should be no verbs, and their interrogative form is also undesirable. They must reflect the essence of the story. The plan is written immediately after the title page, at the beginning of the essay, before the text.

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